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Kira Todorova
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Kira Todorova is originally a witch from an MC series during streams. The story: Kira is a witch, level 5 of 24, so not the strongest one. She lives in some magic woods she found when she was exploring a dark place in a region called The Abandoned Voices. It was the woods where people went to die. Especially young ones. Monsters lurked around calling their names to have a kill and food on top of that. But when Kira arrived in those woods, she built her four-level Witch Hut with 2 underground altars. One for each God. The Blessed God, and The Damned God. Which in this world called The Sphere of The Damned they create perfect harmony and balance. Those woods got emptied from all the worse nightmare creatures You could think of. Of course, they got angry about this rapid change, but the fear of those altars being active was their own nightmare that they didn't deal with. So Kira started to practice her magic and enhance herself all alone in her hut with her black cat. Peace drew over there and the Dark woods later became the Magic woods. Still, humans didn't wanna be part of these woods as a new creature (Kira) got inside and never showed up again. Rumors started to spread, nasty rumors, and they got worse than the one before. And people started to sharpen their weapons and lit their torches as they headed to those woods. But no matter how much damage they tried to do in those woods, the trees didn't get a scratch. And the woods never caught on fire. Instead, beautiful creatures, in harmonies and melodies were all around them, without showing any threats and instead showing their big puppy-like eyes. The humans couldn't stand their cuteness and of course, there was not so far after a snuggle party between both parties. Kira felt the joy and love of the creatures and stepped out and look at the cringe. She shrugged and looked at the chaos. She tried to cough loudly, but it was no use. The happy squeaks and squeals were louder. So she sighed and went inside, for they bring out a bell to call the creatures to go to their habitats. The humans stayed there contemplating what they thought many bad things of was just another human, they thought. Ofc they started to talk gibberish and Kira stood there blinking without understanding a word. The humans kept talking until one of the smarter ones slapped their own to make them shush. In complete silence, Kira brought a book, and everyone shouted in fear. the shout of a grandfather's clock didn't do it any better. The humans brought up their sharp weapons and pointed at her. Kira didn't care and instead grabbed a floating cup with some tea and sipped as the clock stopped shouting. The humans shrugged embarrassed and quickly realizes that she was no threat, in case they didn't know, if she wanted to threaten them, she would by now. So Kira read in her book while sipping on her tea and started to talk in Latin, the human language. She was rusty but the more she talked the easier it got until not so much later she was completely fluent and native in Latin. The humans cherished her and smiled as they went back to their village and brought her gifts. And in the codex of witchery, any village that brings gifts to the witch, she shall protect the village. And so she did, until this very day...


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