Leopard Magician Brown Coat
/ Leopard Magician v2.0 - Brown

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This is my second, or advanced, attempt on my leopard mage. The leopard Magician is a cool wizard dude for gameplay in Craftopia. I gave him brown and green clothes due to black clothes not being represented very well in Craftopia so far. Please play around with saturation and luminance values in your VRoid hub settings in Craftopia. I recommend a little less saturation like 0.5 and luminance on 0.8-1.0 for best results. But of course, it's up to you. You will find what is best for your personal setting. If you alter and reupload the leopard magician, credits are not necessarily mandatory, but please consider, that a lot of work went into the altering of the textures. I would be glad to be notified, if you made something new with my leopard guy, so I can see how he develops. Thanks a lot. I'm curious about your (re-)works. =)


by Noey
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