Luca Anamaki 💕
/ Luca Anamaki <3
Idk lol 😅

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Ok, so this is my second model...ever! So no judging okay? lol. I actually kindaaa like how this came out, this was a little confusing since this time I'm using my computer on vroid studio, last time I just the mobile version. Anyway, I hope u like it! <3 ( Edit: I edited him a lil bit uwu ) Sorry, no Japanese version ;-; (Edit: September, 16, 2020 ; Wow!!! I never thought this would get so many likes! Honestly Luca was just a test to make a kinda-good skin and it turned out alright but I never thought it would get this much attention, again this was the product of my first time ever making a vroid skin (Not Mobile) and it was hard because I had to use a mouse, lmao. But ty for the support, it makes me really happy!!!❤❤❤😼😼😼


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