/ Eleanor Forte
- Hello! - Who the hack are you!? - Listen, I'm not a vocaloid, but... - If you're not a vocaloid, why are you here??? You're not Hatsune Miku like at all! - It's because I'm not Miku! I'm Eleanor! - I've never heard of you before... And I've never seen you on stage with Miku... - I've never been on stage... Plus, I don't want to be on stage with Miku at all! Some day I will become even more famous than she is, have lots of fans and give concerts all over the world charming people with my magical voice! ... Miku walks in ... Miku: We'll see... Ok, nice to meet you anyways... And who knows, maybe you will get on stage one day... *that's never gonna happen, girl!* Oh. If you want to make songs using my voice not having to pay money to hear Miku sing on your PC, you can get SynthesizerV!
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So, this girl was made in VRoid 1.0 (I know she looks a little bit different than the photos on the internet, but I think she's still pretty cute...) Anyways, if you don't know who or what she is, she's a kind of a vocaloid (except she's made for a Dreamtonics' SynthesizerV software). And I've been messing around with SynthV last time and thought about making music videos, so I made this model which... kinda... looks like Eleanor...


by Gech
by alia
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