Vestiel Suru
/ Codename: Vestiel
Age: 18 Species: Human Race: American Gadgets/Weapons: Chain Whip (Extension Cord), Handgun, Machine Gun, Grappling Gun

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Vestiel is a tomboyish girl with a rowdy attitude. She is known to be energetic, hyperactive, airheaded, and silly. She is one of the members of the Heroics guild. She only joined because she wanted to run away from her father, who she thought he wanted nothing to do with her. But when given a choice from Speedhedge as to whether the whole guild should just run away from problems for their comforts, she chose the answer: to be with her father again before she regrets it dearly. She was the first to stop on her tracks and leaped to Speedhedge's side, taking a stand with him. As such, some of the other members, who were the neighborhood kids, took a stand as well while the rest, who were not the neighborhood kids, remained. In the end, she confessed to her father about what she's done and told him that she's not worthy to be called his daughter after pulling stunts like that. His father simply gave her a big hug, a reminder that she's still his little girl. She continues to be a member of the Heroics, now with a new and more positive motive: to fight for those in need and to rise them up on their feet.




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