Kristelle Makita
/ Kristelle Makita
Age: 12 Species: Human Powers: Crystallokinesis, Tangikinesis

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Kristelle Makita is the younger daughter of Xavier and Ruta Makita and a normal student at Hope's Peak High. A middle schooler, she is known to be sassy, arrogant, self-centered, blunt, bossy, rude, disrespectful, and irritating to behold. Kristelle has literally almost no care about other peoples feelings and perspectives except herself, and often brags a lot and loves to harass others to the point that she can even create problems for other people too such as falsely spreading rumors, tell on another person about whatever the other person that they hate did despite not even doing anything, and acts all innocent as if she was never part of it. Basically, no one liked her one bit. In fact, anyone who literally knows her because of what she did and how she can backstab someone for the sake of amusement hates her. A delinquent name Pi Stewarts was Kristelle's main choice of bothering because of how she can make others believe it was he who caused all atrocities and how she always uses him as a scapegoat. Pi was suffering a lot from depression and suffers from binge eating and is diabetic. He was also a big guy and in high school, so being constantly picked on a middle schooler makes him look like the bad one and the fact that he has a record of constantly robbing others and being sent to jail and being bailed out also gave him a bad reputation. Kristelle pokes fun at his weight, calling him fat or a beached whale. Unfortunately for her, her father Xavier grew tired of her narcissism and eventually draws the line after witnessing his own daughter gossiping about how Pi is a pedophile and had intercourse with kids, and being apprehended by many students to the ground. Just as she walked away pretending to do nothing and waiting for the police to arrive to arrest Pi on false charges, Xavier grabbed her wrist tightly to the point that bones sound like they were ready to snap, and then slamming her onto the floor multiple times, expressing that he has had enough. Once his daughter was on the floor tired, he walked composedly to Pi's direction, and some students backed off in fear. Pi was then picked up by Xavier and was carried on his back, taking him home and leaving his daughter, along with her belongings, ensuring that she stays at the girls dorm. Kristelle, who recovered from the hospital and was released 2 weeks later, became the black sheep after everyone realized just how narcissistic she is and even apologized to Pi, who was already adopted by Xavier as of means to give him a family Pi never had, and avoided her for being a sadistic liar. Even her friends ditched her. With no one left, Kristelle asked God for forgiveness and was ready to pay the consequences for her actions. Really. She would soon be a companion of Ethan Winters at the Baker residence. After surviving, she is now currently doing well again and even became more brighter and cheerful. This time, not a façade she carries around and takes other peoples feelings more seriously, showing that she is kind-hearted and wants only what is best for the person. Also, Kristelle and Pi eventually grew a bond with each other that can never be broken, and are literally having a sibling relationship.


by Donkey
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