Grayson Makita
/ Grayson Makita
Age: 15 Species: Anthropomorphic Dragon Race: Caucasian Powers: Rainbow Generation, Magmakinesis

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Grayson Makita is the son of Xavier and Ruta Makita and an 8th grader at Hope's Peak High. He is known to be sweet, kind-hearted, patient, loving, caring, composed, elegant, smart, sharp, and intelligent. Grayson is a talented young boy who excels at his classes and always have straight A's in his schoolwork. Thinking logically in situations and always thinking ahead, Grayson's brain is not to be underestimated. He's even a huge expert on mathematics. Formal and regal, Grayson is loved by all thanks to his cheerful and sweet personality. Grayson is a very helpful ally to his companions (which are his cousins and siblings) as they face and survive the dangers in a local village turn bloodbath. He is currently living with his family.




by Docil
by Joii
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