Dayn Yūgen (Dayn)
/ Dayn (Future)
Hey there, the name's Dayn, and I'm a wanderer with the unusual ability to traverse pretty much any dimension I please. At first I could only stay away from my home earth for a week at best, but I was able to push my boundries even farther than expected. Perhaps I broke whatever golden rule was holding me back just a little bit, but hey-freedom always has it's cost. Anyways, thought I'd hang around here for a bit-the virtual dimension is pretty intriguing, if I do say so myself.

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"You worry about me? Hah. As if there'd be anything to worry about-it's already too late for me, my friend. Strange that after all this time, I still long for the way it used to be...*cough* this rate I don't believe I'd be welcomed home even if I decided to go back. Hm? Take me with you? Really? What a strange notion that you still trust me..."

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by Snake
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