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Codename: Cyanide
Powers: Poison Manipulation
Cyanide Makita
/ Codename: Cyanide
Powers: Poison Manipulation


Cyanide is a drunken man and the child of Mute. He drinks himself away to run away from the pain he had to go through his life. Being mocked at elementary for being a nerd, bullied and far pranks at middle school, and being a joke to everyone at high school. And he did nothing wrong. He doesn't even know his real family. Cyanide couldn't bear it any longer and decided to run from his foster home and live in the streets where he feels safer. He casually goes into a bar to drink alcohol and have an instant belly bloat filled with alcohol. He also tends to be very gassy and lets out either a deep burp or a fart. He felt miserable. Hiruso was looking for the fifth brother of his family till he bumped into a familiar bar. As he entered, he saw Cyanide casually doing his thing. Hiruso caught Cyanides attention and both began chatting. Both began seeing each other at the same place as time passed. Finally, Hiruso saw that Cyanide was opening up a lot more and began to feel at ease. Cyanide and Hiruso were chatting till it was finally closing for the bar. Hiruso then asked Cyanides last name. As he revealed his last name, Hiruso revealed his codename: Hero. Cyanide was shocked since he was a test subject and had overheard that another baby was on the way. Two were separated when the Umbrella facility was collapsing. Cyanide immediately hugged his brother tightly as he broke into tears. Since then he stopped drinking and is heading towards school again to make things right again. No longer scared as to how different or weird people look at him.
by Keyair
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