Urna Thermomitus
/ Urna Thermomitus
Age: 16-17 Species: Human Race: American

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Ex-bestie of Unilla Teresa and Kitty Priceland and stalker. Unilla, since childhood, always thought that she, Urna, and 2 other girls were her best friends, with an addition to the friend group Kitty. However, she turned out to be a jealous girl obsessed at looking prettier than Unilla and becoming a famous model/actress, wearing a luxurious outfit of the same brand of the same type. Her obsession slowly but rapidly twisted her into insanity, with her first tryouts as a model proved to be her biggest flaw and her choice of makeup and, sadly, her dentures. Her knowledge is completely horrid, meaning she would most likely fail in her classes if not for money but will fail in life. She also became infatuated with Vipus Induces, a new kid at elementary school and already the most popular kid the moment she saw him despite being in 1st grade along with her friends whereas Vipus was in 5th grade. When she heard about Unilla and Vipus banging each other, she flew into a state of mad rage to the point of feeling a snap in her head. With murderous intent, she snuck into Unilla's house and stole a hot pick from the house, still burning, and chased Unilla into the woods. When she couldn't find her in sight, she ran out of the woods and met Vipus on a balcony, then kissed him mouth to mouth without his consent. Vipus, in a panic, tells her she should be checked at the hospital for poison, but Urna was too busy in her dreams coming true of finally kissing her crush. Unfortunately for her, even if she did listen, she wouldn't believe him in the slightest because the venom matches perfectly with the color of her lipstick. The poison quickly spreaded, and she eventually comes to a realization that she kissed him out of nowhere and didn't even confess her love for him, flying into a state of panic as her vision becomes farther and farther. She died before the ambulance could even help her.


by Donkey
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