/ v1.0.0ab; Pencil Skirt, Ponytail
A female model who specialises in modelling for TV, magazines, and newspaper bulletins. She is Zosia's twin sister. Her affiliation has yet to be decided. All the models for this character that are available on VRoid Hub can be freely used on connected VRoid Hub applications, but can also be downloaded to use in other VRM compatable applications, and also compatible 3D software (for instance, Blender, Unity or Godot)* - If you create a piece of artwork using this character, please feel free to share it with me on Twitter or Mastodon with #ZosiaAndAxelle. I'd love to see what you produce! *NOTE: Certain extensions and/or plugins may be required for this option. Also check out her twin sister, Zosia here:
Mr. ESE💧🕹️

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Axelle's regular outfit. A green t-shirt with bright yellow straps and light yellow, green and brown streaks going across the sides and front, a short red pencil skirt with brown line textures, black plain stockings, and blue shoes with dark violet shoelaces and yellow lines going from the sides to the front. This variant also has her long blue hair tied up in a ponytail. No credit is required when using this model in connected VRoid Hub apps, but you will need to credit me by linking directly to this page or this character's VRoid Hub page when using this in applications such as Blender, Unity, or VRMViewMiester. Thank you for your cooperation.


by RYO 73
by MO
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Format: VRM 0.0
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