Fleet of Fog Drottning Victoria
/ Queen's Battle Dress
Drottning Victoria (eng: Queen Victoria) is a Sverige-class Coastal Battleship of the "Scandinavian Fleet of Fog". Allied with the Royal Swedish Navy, after her and her fellow ships went rogue against the Admiralty Code due to either fate or some kind of unknown bug. She now pridefully defend Scandinavian waters against FOG threats that threaten their peace. Drottning Victoria is the "Fleet of Fog" reincarnation of the WWII/WWI Sverige-class coastal battleship Drottning Victoria and is the Second flagship of the Neutral defense fleet. She has two sisters, coastal battleship Sverige and coastal battleship Gustav V, Sverige serving as the flagship of her fleet, they treat each other like normal sisters, mimicking Sweden's long neutrality.

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Due to sweden's long neutrality and Victoria's namesake, her battle dress is based on medieval and Victorian era noble wear.




by nenoki
by Shuai
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