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Jinjishi Rakuten
Age: 20 Species: Mutant Race: Japanese Powers: Superhuman Strength, Durability
Jinjishi Rakuten
/ Jinjishi Rakuten
Age: 20 Species: Mutant Race: Japanese Powers: Superhuman Strength, Durability


Jinjishi Rakuten is one of the subordinates of Scissorman. He is known to be sweet, naive, childlike, gluttonous, boorish-like, dumb, and babyish. Abandoned by his parents since birth, and being born prematurely, Jinjishi had a tragic and traumatic childhood/past. He was constantly bullied for his obesity, mocked at for being completely dumb, illogical, and babylike, had terrible grades due to not receiving any help despite asking for it mannerly, was looked at by people with expressions of disgust and keeping their distance from him, children run away in fear at the sight of him, being beaten by other kids with no one helping them, and having to bury his hamster who was killed by one of the bullies Jinjishi has to deal with. His kindness and obedience is constantly overshadowed and/or taken for granted, and Jinjishi felt hatred for the world because of his hamster being the only one taken from him that both share a bond with each other. Becoming a Subordinate, he kills anyone who he sees as a loved one from the other and smashes them in the head, thus being known as Sledgehammer. Jinjishi stalked Cassandra Rokata, the main protagonist, in an attempt to kill her for his master. However, when Cassandra received the item that can be used to free one of Jinjishi's primary restless spirit and the two engaging in a fight, he was thus ultimately defeated by Cassandra. Cassandra then comforts the brokenhearted Jinjishi, who is now entering an emotional state, wailing loudly. Now a former subordinate, Jinjishi becomes part of Cassandra's group known as the Clock Rooders, a group of supernatural people that takes down Scissorman's Subordinates. Jinjishi also became the adopted son of Cat Makita, Headmaster of Hope's Peak High. Jinjishi kept his given codename for the group, being known as Sledgehammer.
by Bella
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