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Yukito (ゆきと)is an "alien" being and has cat-like features. (Yes 4 ears and despite that always ask people to repeat themselves) Hair Color: Brown, Hazelnut brown, Chestnut brown, Light chocolate. Eye Color: Dark spring green, Light green. Skin Color: Light, almost pale. Personality: Very calm, Shy, always smiling, clumsy, generous. Body Type: Thin (body of a 14-18 year old "boy"). Rather Bishie. Hair Style: Round, (can be a bit wavy), a bit longer near the neck in the back, bangs to HIS left side, Cat ears and tail. Key Features: Cat ears, Cat tail (fluffy), Blush (very optional), calm expression on face. Key Items (optional): A mic, necklace or choker with a black key pendant. Casual Clothing : Black or blue pants, a black and white jacket/sweater, fake converse (as shoes) or black and white shoes, blue or green pale t-shirt under jacket/sweater. Model by : @Katsumi_Kitsune


by Lokie
by Yuta
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