/ Outfit 14 - Swimsuit
Hi there, I'm a gamer from Thailand, I love playing games and streaming, i like mystery, ghost I am a solo player I can play every game without some problems, I've always liked to wander on social media. I often shop on the booth to decorate the characters and support the shop. In the beginning I was very new so if there were any problems I apologize in advance can you remind me You can find me on this website Recently I streamed Twtich on www.twitch.tv/osashi_aki every day time Youtube: channel/UCSxxTmjwf04nMcIALS1RyMQ Twitter: twitter.com/Osashis Facebook: www.facebook.com/OsashiGaming Twitch: www.twitch.tv/osashi_aki/
Akito [อากิโตะ]
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2 years ago
Akito [อากิโตะ]
2 years ago
Glad you like it. Thanks, ^-^
Reo Oreo
2 years ago
i like your muscles
2 years ago
it cool


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