out of idea :S
/ out of idea with helmet(m35)
this is something that I do. when I out of an idea (some of the models are bug) and it's free!! A weapon has not meshed with the character. So if you want the only weapon you can delete the character to get weapon how do I separate weapon from the character? 1. open up the Blender program 2. load the model 3. delete the character! 4. YEP
You can now check the
no. of polygons, materials, etc.

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This is out of idea with the M35 helmet (The most iconic german helmet during World war 2) ''texture of helmet is in the shoe texture'' Now I know how to export character with facial expression (no unity require) it's easy 1.open your blender 2.editing your epic character 3.if you finish your editing character, Then select everything 4.go in editing mode 5.click mesh(on the top left) and find the Triangle face and click 6.export as VRM




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