/ v1.1; Light Blue
A humanoid robot built by Dr. Petir. When programming her electronic brain, he gave her an advanced language module, some cute catchphrases and a sweet and innocent personality. However, one thing he DIDN'T remember to program in is figurative phrases. As a result, she has an unfortunate habit of misinterpreting certain terms that would be considered as Figure of Speech. Now Dr. Petir is forced to train her on Figure of Speech himself since it is now too late to create any patches. Her creator: hub.vroid.com/en/characters/5915086664346324645 All of this character's models that are viewable here on Vroid Hub can also be used freely on connected apps, and by extension compatible 3D software (for instance, Blender and Godot, both with specific VRM extensions installed)
Mr. ESE💧🕹️

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by e.t
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