VTM06 Vipes
/ Vipes (Highpoly)
Vipes is a male robotic VTuber who usually streams with a group of people. His content is more focused on and around their group of friends and the chaos or annoyance that they cause. Twitter: twitter.com/VTM06_Vipes Twitch: www.twitch.tv/vtm06_vipes Youtube: www.youtube.com/@vtm06_vipes

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Possibly from the far future of 008x this robot was forged by a losing side. Built as a combat model, however he has forsaken his original purpose. All that is left of his old life is his serial number, "06". Eventually he came across a rouge AI with a love for music, a space-fairing dark wizard, and a short but sweet aquatic purple robot whom he eventually started "connecting" with.


by DK K
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