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Nya Nya
2 years ago
Hello, I am so sorry for my late response, I feel awful as I usually tend to reply rather fast, And as for your question, I checked it out and yes I did have her idle having her eyes closed, I have now made a new updated version with her eyes open. Again I am really so sorry.  I will tag you once it is up, Thank you so much for your comment and for having a interest in one of my girls! @strawpurrin
2 years ago
Hey is the character supposed to be idle having her eyes closed? If so are you able to change it? I've tried different avatars and its not just me
2 years ago
Hey hey, Im so sorry, 100% it should work now Thank you @itsspelttohru
2 years ago
Hey randomgirl, thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, for whatever reason it still says "NO" where the download button should be. Regardless, I appreciate you getting back :)
2 years ago
Hi hi! Thank you so much for showing interest! I have now changed it so you can download it no problem, all i ask is to please credit me if you use it anywhere and maybe a link, It would be soooooo cool to see one of my characters being used ahhhhh so cool! Anyhoo again thank you so much! @itsspelttohru


by 胡桃
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