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Here is updated model for GothicThunderThighs Hyper vtuber. PLEASE ADHERE to ToS! Tysm for downloading! ToS: CREDITING RULES Please ALWAYS credit Venus Variation when posting with these assets or models I create. I make free models but my time IS NOT worthless. I didn't make the model for free to receive no constant credit for the time and effort I spend when people ogle you or admire your model. ESP when crediting on platforms where Venus Variation is present, TAG HER directly! PLATFORMS: YouTube: @venusvariation or Twitter: @venusvariation Instagram: @venusvariation TikTok: @venusvaration Hyper / VIRTU/ Vear /REALITY: @venusvariation VRChat: @VenusVee VRoidHub: either use the booth credit feature, or link my created assets in your description. “Assets by Venus Variation" is also acceptable when using more assets than the links will fit, but please link at least one of my items so the shop is accessible through your model listing. Otherwise, link back to if possible If it is not possible to tag or link @venusvariation, you MUST still credit Venus Variation in either profile (if it is a model) as an attached comment in post, or in the caption if its just an asset or something worn. These models and assets are A LOT of hard work, time and your contribution is to share who made them in exchange for using them free. This should go for any creator you’ve downloaded from not just Venus. USAGE RULES You may convert models made with these assets for other programs idm :)) Unity, Blender, MikuMikuDance, VRChat, ChilloutVR, and similar software. When uploading, please keep the given model title. If possible, when putting in a sharing space such as an avatar world, please add a sign (or similar) nearby with the link of the Venus Variation booth shop to direct people to the asset creator. For other programs, please contact me via email or my social media to discuss your request. You may NOT sell my models or models with these assets. They are free, and should not be used to charge anyone or make anyone pay for anything. You may NOT reupload and redistribute these assets. They will only be distributed through my booth shop or my ko-fi pages. You may make edits for your personal use, such as recoloring or retexturing. But you may not redistribute said edits. You may NOT use OC models with these edits in projects containing 18+ themes, nor not use them in content that insults, degrades, or fetishizes women, individuals or groups or any minorities. By posting images or videos containing my assets, you are giving permission for me to retweet/repost them. I will always credit the model owners when doing so. I enjoy seeing what people make with my creations, and boosting artists that use them! If you break my rules, you will be given one warning only before being blacklisted, which removes you from being able to request commissions, access to your model, and will be reported to all content groups I am part of as well as to the places where you are using said model. You will have 24hrs after the warning is given before you will be reported on the site where the content was found, as well as added to the official Blacklist. I have decided to follow this system as other creators I respect allow those who forgot accidentally to take proper responsibility. If you have been warned previously and it reoccurs, I will make the judgment call personally based on your previous response whether I will immediately blacklist you or contact you privately about the matter beforehand. I am v understanding but I am not a pushover nor to be taken advantage of. Please do not expect an automatic forgiveness, as I take misuse of my assets very seriously due to the amount of time and intense amount of effort I put into them. Thank you for reading the asset Terms of Use properly! I hope you love it! Have fun, and thanks again for downloading! I look forward to seeing what you create.

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