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This model doesnt have any emotions because im still learning how to. It also doesnt have any lipsyncing. I might add some when I get a hang of this For those using VMagicMirror, adjust the size and youll be able to see her model
Preston Cox
5 months ago
@MysteryBones Can you make Roxy a bit more bigger, same with Glamrock Chica, Glamrock Chica and Montgomery Gator?
MMD Animator
7 months ago
i would love all these to be suitable with facials
1 year ago
Do you do requests? If so can you make this into a vrm file pls
Afton Gamer
2 years ago
Would love to see lipsync with the models. some don't have it(no u don't need to add it for the Daycare Attendant if u don't want to)


by DigiZ
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