Raileo Maeki
/ Raileo Maeki
Powers: Super Strength, Durability, Super Speed

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Raileo Piston is a troubled normal student at Hope's Peak High. He is known to be vulgar, stubborn, arrogant, ill-tempered, hot-headed, and moody. Raileo lived a troubled past, having to go through his grandfather's ill-tempered and non-stop nature, and his deranged mother descending into madness to the point that Raileo had to run away but was exposed to generative radioactivity and gained the ability to run as fast as lightning, managing to escape and live with his father Robby Piston, but not while changing his last name Maeki so that no one would suspect him as the run-away child. Raileo was known immensely for his outbursts, such as throwing Guppy Vokita out of a closed window and shattering both the window and Guppy's chances of eating at the cafeteria with the rest of the students, engaging in a one on one combat with Bruce Banners as the Hulk and in which Black Widow and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) had to intervene, and pummeling his grandfather Triston Bates to the ground and punching him repeatedly after witnessing him punching his father, who he loves and cherishes the most because he was there for him in his time of need, and thus had to be pulled out by both Zenkichi Hasegawa and Keiji Shinogi. He also gave Chi his respect and brotherly love to him because he has not only a heart, but the strength to bring back his grandfather and encourage him to not indulge in anger, bringing together grandfather, father, and son as one family. Raileo grew a bond with Chi that can never be broken and is one of Chi's supportive allies.


by Terry
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