Pizkin Hamilton
/ Pizkin Hamilton
Age: 14-15 Species: Pig Race: American Powers: Swine Physiology/CHI Weapon: Chakram

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Foster brother of Ewan, freshman year student, and a member of the Latrell Detective Agency (LDA). A flirtatious boy who wants the ladies to be around him and often calls females them darling, babe, and girly. When around guys, he becomes respectful and addresses them properly. There are two parts of Team OUTLANDS' story. Story A will be Craig, Blista, and Leon, joining their team throughout the story and being the clumsy comedic relief. Story B is where Eris and Skint meets with Pizkin, and he'll join their party. He'll be a clumsy goof that often tries yet fails to flirt with girls, but shows to be a more compassionate person and helps Eris and Skint. He even forges a brotherly bond with Skint and a brother and sister bond with Gelsi. After surviving, he joins the LDA officially.


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