/ Selena
A tender girl who enjoys life at every moment. She acts nicely with every person. Her philosophy is: Happiness is a form of courage. Selena never draws back and tries to get everything done. She may be the best friend you could have. After dealing with the kidnap of her sister, she takes a direct part in Astra's rescue. Thanks to her reliable friends, she has enough strength to protect the people that she loves. This cute lass is not only capable of seducing with her beauty. Also, she may be dangerous when using a broadsword in her hands. Selena is part of an organization called "The erosion that causes change": It's an undercover team of members fighting to break free from oppressive police control.
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Selena's romantic fashion style reflects her cheesy-loveable soul. Wearing a flowered dress, black stockings, white sandals, and a pair of glasses, it's perfect for a sunny day in Spring.




by RYO 73
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