textures and hair preset available in my booth store the set has: -hair preset(mermaid tail and side face accessories) -face and body skin texture(available in 5 different color combinations+ customizable file) -tail & fins texture(available in 5 colors + customizable files) -eye set(available in 16 colors for free +customizable) -under water effect matcap(add it in unity to de materials)
Gambling Jester

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Gambling Jester
3 years ago
it's made out of hair and edited in unity to follow the hips istead of the head, here's a tutorial by argama witch on how to do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ftlUJonSi0&t=510s
3 years ago
how did you make that mermaid tail?
3 years ago
This looks soo amazing!!! <3


by E
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