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Bonfire Fox. Need to remember bonfire is a he. but have personality like a female and his favourite thing to do is mechanic thingy. This fox is my fursona, he bring me this far to learn do 3D modelling and animation. and also my main vtuber character this is a low poly version of him. not sure high poly version is suitable to upload it here. Thanks for Viewing !!
Black Aki
4 months ago
Il est très beau et fluide pour un model gratuit! Je vais l'utiliser pour tester divers choses. J'espère que j'arriverai à apprendre à modéliser et à exporter ensuite dans VRM. Merci aussi pour ta réponse au message de Dusky Cyberian! ^.^
8 months ago
Im using Blender to model the character and unity engine to port it to VRM
Dusky Cyberian
8 months ago
Hi, i like your model, how do you learn 3D modelling and animation? what software you need to make this sophisticated model? is vroid studio enough?


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