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My name is 変態ライオンHentai raion, I'm 18-years old Despite my age. I like Dango, ice cream, and soda. I'm friend's with 魔や 家とmaya keto, and ひろ子 酒久米 Hiroko sake Kume. I also go to the same school asひろ子 酒久米 Hiroko sake Kume. and I also a creep, people in the school call me and friend's Perverts, and yes, I am a pervert, But I have Develop a sweet tooth of my addiction of sweets. 魔や 家とmaya keto is a pervert, he spies on female student in the women's lockers, as for ひろ子 酒久米 Hiroko sake Kume, he takes picture of female student, and sew them to his cloth's. as for me I'm also a peeping Tom. now I am working at the Brown Sugar Cafe, I really don't like 愛の達人Ai no tatsujin, she is a disgusting, creepy pervert. She really needs to know when enough is enough.


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