Supaikuboru Makita
/ Supaikuboru Makita
Powers: Spikeball Projectiles (Vomiting), Impenetrable Body Fat, Superhuman Strength

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Supaikuboru Makita, simply Spike, is the son of Xavier and Ruta Makita and companion of Yapaat Marichate and Tiru Makita. He is known to be gluttonous, gassy, arrogant, vulgar, and sensitive. Known to be very tough and ridiculed for his ginormous appetite to the point that his body fat becomes soft and gelatinous-like, Spike shows no bounds with his weight, with his shear size and impenetrable fat. Spike was first seen sleeping in a cell that he himself locked, securing himself from zombies and other creatures. Jordan and Yapaat sees him and Jordan slams on the door to wake him up. Iroko Sasha then comes along to confirm that this is Spike. Spike, now awake from his sleep, bluntly tells them that he has no information to give and that even if he did he rather not tell, prompting Jordan to remind Yapaat of just leaving him there. Yapaat cheerfully declines, and patiently asks where the key is and the situation. After informing the three of a way out of the city. They soon came back for Spike who was now out of the cell and lying on the floor. Apparently Spike was attacked and infected by a revived G, but fortunately kept the critter in his stomach. This prompted Spike to reconsider their offer and became part of Yapaat's survivor group. Along the way, the critter slowly but rapidly began to blimp Spike like a balloon, causing him to groan in pain and agony. Luckily, a librarian name Castor Hughes was skilled in creating herbs and medicines, grounding some collected herbs and crafting medicine for Spike, causing him to go to the bathroom to relieve himself, eliminating the parasite from his body and flushing it down the toilet. This arrogant brute may be vulgar and a bit difficult to handle, but he does have a very sensitive heart and can have his feelings hurt badly. Nevertheless, he loves his companions, family, and friends and treats them with a sense of humor and determination to protect. He also has goofy and comical moments. After surviving and walking through the sunset with his pals, he is now currently residing with his family.




by Joii
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