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File Type Blender. - Image not fully texture for interior has simple rig for animation BTR 8000 quick show 3d: youtu.be/G7Whrbw7YZI download google drive link : drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ma-CY7_QiQgaZ8qKZTfAckP2Jjl63Xap?usp=share_link 3d free use Contact me at:https://www.instagram.com/ or coment at the post ----------------------------------------english------------- commission free 3d open!! can only serve 2 orders time clashes ma task and others the 3d: monsters character weapon vehicle and others. styles: anime-ish most used software: Vroid(for character faces)(clothes and other accessories are made from scratch) Blender there is no charge. but take time ----------------------------------------------------------------Bahasa komisi gratis 3d hanya bisa melayani 2 order waktu bentrok ma tugas dan lain lain 3d nya: monster karakter senjata kendaraan dan lain lain. style: anime-ish software yg paling di gunakan: Vroid(buat Muka Karakter)(baju dan akssesoris lain nya di buat dari dasar) Blender 3d tidak di pungut biaya,di karenakan user masih study.


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