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黒澤 熾(Shiki Kurosawa)

黒澤 熾(Shiki Kurosawa)

新宿に根城を構える広域指定暴力団、黒龍会の若頭 好きな食べ物はちゅ~ると星を見上げるパイ。味覚は破壊的だが料理は上手。ついでに地獄のファッションセンスを持つ。味覚とファッションセンス以外は完璧。 家族構成は父、弟、妹の四人。シュブニグラス(化身の人間ボディ)を母に持ち、三兄妹の中で誰よりも強く彼女の美貌を引き継いでいる(APP19)。なお、母親と同じく両性具有である。 Shiki is the vice head of Yakuza - Kokuryu. Stargazy pie and tasty cat's food named CIAO tulle are his favourites. His taste is destructive but good at cooking. Shiki also has a bloodly hellish fashion sense. Definitely, Shiki is a perfect gentleman except for his taste and fashion sense. His family consists of a father, a younger brother, and a younger sister. His mother is Shub-Niggurath (she had been in an incarnation of the human body). Shiki has been inherited her beauty more strongly than any of his three siblings (APP19). Like his mother, he is androgynous.

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