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Aiko Nagataro
Aiko Nagataro
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{Nozomu Genpou} — Have you heard of the village butcher Rito? for children it is nothing more than an urban legend. Did you know that this village used to be ravaged by the terra. In those times the village had a different name and was guarded by the king's knights of that time ... but ... The amounts of terra that attacked the village daily ... was exorbitant, the knights were unable to save all the villagers, at that time everything indicated ... that that village had been forgotten by the gods and left to their fate, due to the large number of knights who died, the king himself, decided to leave the village ... The knights stopped coming to the aid of the villagers ... terra began to mercilessly devour them day by day ... Limbo village ... as it was called back then ... it lived up to that name ... it was then many years later, when a young man stood up before the beasts ... `` If the gods do not think do nothing to help this village, then, I will become the butcher that this land needs''… the young man faced and hunted the terra that tormented them, day after day, without time to rest, after 6 days, not anymore There were terra left to face, there was no longer terra to fear ... the villagers were finally free, that village forgotten by the gods and powerful ... he had finally found his freedom ... however ... people began to fear him ... despite that he was the one who saved them ... they all feared him, then on the 7th, after freeing them and earning their fear ... he disappeared ...


by Shuai
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