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Shizuru Makita
Powers: Body Inflation (consuming anything that sizzles), Supersonic Burping (when inflated and burping to deflate depending how big Shizuru gets)
Shizuru Makita
/ Shizuru Makita
Powers: Body Inflation (consuming anything that sizzles), Supersonic Burping (when inflated and burping to deflate depending how big Shizuru gets)


Shizuru Makita is the son of Xavier and Ruta Makita. He is known to be flirty, a pervert, daring, clumsy, and reckless. Shizuru is always sticking his nose in the wrong places and often loves to think dirty of girls and having fantasies of hot women. He'll even go as so far as to try to get a glimpse through any peeking holes inside the girls rooms. Shizuru, mostly known as Sizzle, has a hard time keeping his boner hidden every time he sees a female with excellent looks, too. This is the sole reason why almost nobody goes around him because of his erotic behavior, making him feel extremely lonely. When the Makita family moved into Casita in Colombia, the Madrigal's home, Sizzle took intense infatuation with Isabela Madrigal and often sometimes stalk her non-stop, much to her annoyance. He even tried to make slick and/or obvious yet obnoxious moves on her only to get sucker punched from her roses every time he does so. The Madrigals ignore Sizzle seeing him as a rather self-centered boy insensitive to others feelings. One day, however, Sizzle began to grew more lonely as time went on and stopped stalking Isabela. This was due to Sizzle having serious and intensive bloating problems, something he always had ever since he was a baby, easily bloating his belly into blubber mass. This is due to his triggering of Inflation whenever he drinks anything that sizzles. Sodas, sparkling water, you name it. Even foods that sizzle are an issue that can be a bit of a cause. Though he stopped lusting for women permanently, his issues are only growing worse, having to relieve himself by burping that sounds painful and very deep, not to mention that he can emit supersonic blasts through his burps that can last longer depending on how big Sizzle gets via Body Inflation. Sizzle, however, drank too much soda in order to cope with his depression to the point that he began to rapidly inflate into a sphere-shaped ball (Picture the homer ball only bigger than his entire room that is based on a mall), filled with sizzling soda and cheeks bloated as big and wide as his head to the point he has a hard time releasing. Fortunately, Bufu Makita, his older sister, managed to inject a needle in the fattest part of his inflated body with an advanced soporil beta, and bringing Shizuru back to his normal state. Shizuru, now embarrassed and conflicted not knowing how to control himself, broke down into tears of embarrassment and expressing how he just wanted to feel loved by someone but not seeing it or hearing it, wanting to be acknowledged by someone while hiccupping his sentences. Bufu, who just came to Colombia, comforted him and both physically and mentally cared for him until he feels okay again. Currently, although still rash and impulsive, is more cheerful and finally showing his true childlike nature and personality, something he always carried around him. He also became sentient for others feelings as well to the point that even the community and everyone else that knows him began to be around him because of his silly, goofy, childish, and comical-like behavior.


by Bella
by Joii
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