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My name is ピース・ネイチャー・ターン Pīsu neichā tān I'm 33 years old and I'm the part of the けっぱバレーボール Ke~tsupa barēbōru. A volleyball team for the VIP or Volleyballs in person, I'm a Have trained for volleyball since I was 10. I Want to be a champion at Volleyball. I'm also a mother for 2 children well so you Thought, I Once was dating this rich man name 貪欲な王様のキスDon'yokuna ōsama no kisu and he is such of pieces of garbage, I was the third out of the two females except I give birth to 卵ケト Tamago keto and yes, he is my first child, but I lose him by Him Convincing the nurses that. He owns the child. And cut all contact with me and my child. So eventually I left him for good. And start a new family. Now I'm happily married to キム和 ストアま Kimuwa Sutoama and have 2 children name 阪みあ スレあま sakamia sureama and かとよ 地レマ katoyo tirema, And I'm planning to be a volleyball championship soon.


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