Makoto Niijima
/ Makoto Niijima
Powers: Persona (Frei)
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Makoto Niijima is an ultimate student at Hope's Peak High, a member of the Phantom Thieves, the younger sister of Sae Niijima, and is the Ultimate School President. She is known to be formal, sharp, clever, intelligent, wise, comical-like, respectful, and tough. Skilled in the arts of Aikido and a master of all her classes, Makoto plays the role of a teacher more than a student, showing that she takes her position well and seriously. No hidden truth would go unseen when Makoto is around, since she has a clever brain and an attitude of composure and formality should you become confronted with her. But nevertheless, she is always kind to her friends and peers. Makoto was skeptical about Kai Makita, a special student diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, because she believes that Flame and Kai are as one including the other forms. Informing this to the team, they secretly investigated and as it turns out, Makoto's skeptic thoughts proved correct. This was during the time that the Phantom Thieves were blamed for the death of Haru Okumura's father, and the time where the group's bonds began to dwindle a bit after Ren kicked out Ryuji for insulting Kai's autism (which hurts him deeply) and the past actions Ryuji was behaving (the time he wore the symbiote suit). Though the group did manage to reform their bonds with each other reconciled, therefore bringing back the Phantom Thieves, Makoto still felt guilty for framing Kai of something he had that made him special and invited him to an empty office where she apologizes whole-heartedly. She was surprised to hear that Kai already forgave her, hoping and praying to God for the group to be back together again and become good friends. Makoto and Kai eventually forged a strong bond that can never be broken. Currently, Makoto helps out with the class trials while also facing shadows in the Metaverse. Persona: Johanna Ultimate: School President


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