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The Nardoragon By Nardo Retextured/Edited By Me! The Base Model Can Be Found Here:
5 months ago
I don't have a computer or laptop, I only have one cell phone.
5 months ago
i have original skin i bought it for 30$ but i can't make skin like yours or convert VRM file
7 months ago
Game/App*. My apologizes
7 months ago
Sorry I'm late. But to use this model you'll need to access VRoid from a VRiod/VRM enabled game. I am not allowing raw file downloads. If you'd like that, please purchase the original model listed in the description and I will gladly help you out to create your own and post it to VRiod or other platforms (eg VRC).
8 months ago
is there any way to access the skin? it says it is not enabled.


by Anrisa
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