Sonic Characters
/ Rouge the Bat ๐Ÿ’Ž
You can use these characters based off of the terms of service: โœ… Use of any media with credit (streaming, videos, mmd,etc) Share model Use items for you're own models (CREDIT REQUIRED) Use for avatars in games with credit Edit model then use it for personal use without re uploading โŽ No credit given at all Use for inappropriate things, strong and heavy violence (light violence is okay like slight blood) Changing how the model looks at all then re uploading it Credits: Hair textures, and hair textures made by Pixell Angel on BOOTH! Extra: If you do anything with these models, please give credit to Pixell Angel as well!

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by aaaaaa
by Ein
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Format: VRM 0.0
Conditions of use: Avatar use: YES/Violence: NO/Sexual acts: NO/Corporate use: YES/Individual commercial use: YES - Individual non-profit use: YES/Alterations: NO/Redistribution: YES/Attribution: Necessary