/ Peemuku [ぴ無垢] -Prototype-
Peemuku is everyone's favorite character cute. His girlfriend is called Peemuku. Peemuku He likes to look at girls' Belly button and Peemuku's Belly button.

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Peemuku Is So cute original Muku (Maria Seido) From Com3d2 Peemuku (Old) prototyped during the Making of the Vroid port. ""Now I can't download the character because it's the old one."" Ever since I started playing COM3D2, the character Peemuku was adapted from muku-chan. I like this character. And I will create a VROID character, it takes 14 days to do (it may be difficult to do but I have to take a break for now) Finally bring the Peemuku Ver.VROID character (including editing) to go. to be published in the public -((update))-[15/5/2022]- - improvement hair - improvement clothes - improvement skin body - improvement body - improvement All Recolor -((update))-[10/7/2022]- - improvement hair



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by 進蜂
by MO
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