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HELLO!! Feel free to download it, and use it anywhere! For creation requests, please DM me on Twitter. I cannot create advanced avatars, but I can create cute or cool avatars. Please feel free to contact me. But, I'm tired of creating avatars for free, so I will charge for creation requests. どうもカナと申します! どうぞお気軽にダウンロード、ライク、コメントしてってくださいな! 作成依頼の場合、TwitterのDMでお願いします。高度なものは作れませんが、可愛いアバターやカッコいいアバターなどの制作はできます。もう流石に無料で作り続けるには限界を感じましたので、作成費用はかかることとします。まずはご気軽にご相談ください。

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2 years ago
HI!!Haitian Li!! easy!! https://www.mixamo.com/#/ use this site!! search how to use!!
Haitian Li
2 years ago
Dear kanato, Just wondering, how did you add the animation to the vrm file? Did u used anything that is associated with three-vrm? Thanks a lot for your help. Haitian


by kolkiy
by HanaDM
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