Ryoko Doroshenko
/ Ryoko Nakashima

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Before you read the description, I have to clarify that I DO NOT support the war in Ukraine. Ryoko Nakashima was born on October 28th 1980 in the city of Hakodate, where she would spend the first 6 years of her life living there, before moving to Otaru in the spring of 1987. She began finding herself interested in Russian culture during the summer of 1995, when she had a conversation with a Russian immigrant in her local café. In the summer of 2001, she visited Vladivostok, where she met Yaromir Doroshenko, a man who was sent to live with his uncle in this city shortly after returning home from Chechnya in the spring of that same year. Ryoko decided to bring Yaromir with her back to Otaru. In the next year, they moved to Yaromir's home city Ufa, where they got married in the early autumn. This resulted in Ryoko changing her last name to Doroshenko (In Russian documents). In 2006, they had a child whom they named Reiko, and in April of 2009, they moved to Russia, where they would live there for 10 years, before moving back to Japan. Ryoko is sincere, and fair person. She has a decent relationship with her husband Yaromir, and an okay relationship with her daughter, Reiko. Height: 5'7 (1.70m) Languages: Native Japanese, and advanced Russian Favourite Colour: Purple Occupation: Unknown Countries Lived In: Japan & Russia Countries Visited: Russia Favourite Singer/Band: Sazan Ōrusutaazu Favourite Song: Namida no Kiss by Sazan Ōrusutaazu Body Count: 0 Family Tetsuo Nakashima (Father) Kaoru Nakashima (Mother) Naosuke Nakashima (Brother) Mitsuko Nakashima (Sister) Yaromir Doroshenko (Husband) Reiko Doroshenko (Daughter) Toyozo Nakashima (Nephew) Naomi Nakashima (Niece) Fumiya Nakashima (Sister-In-Law) Sokol Doroshenko (Brother-In-Law) Aleksandr Doroshenko (Father-In-Law) Anushka Doroshenko (Mother-In-Law) Friends: Kumiyo Ishiwata Sakuro Tsutsui Harumi Kojima Yukiyo Masuyama Fuyuko Mase Masa Aihara Kozakura Takagi Tomi Daigo Saiji Zakai Zeshin Tamatsuki

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