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3D Model posting project: Winter Fashion Challenge


About this event


Dress up your model and post it!

After the colored leaves fall comes the fun and excitement of the winter holidays! 

The theme for this round of the Costume Challenge event series is "Winter Fashion".

Christmas markets, New Year temple visits, winter sports... or what about just sleeping in over your New Year break?
Winter brings all kinds of unique happy moments.
We're looking for your cute winter fashion designs!

Post to be one of 50 lucky winners selected by lottery to receive an Amazon gift card!

What's a Costume challenge?

VRoid Hub sponsors fashion design contests where you can post 3D models wearing original outfits, designed/styled by you.

Christmas, New Year's... For the winter holidays this year, why not create a winter outfit for your avatar, or design a new original 3D character showing off winter fashion items and styles? 

You can use any type of modeling software, paint software, or clothing design tools you like to create your 3D model. So long as your model is VRM format and can be uploaded to VRoid Hub, it's fine if you didn't design your model using VRoid Studio. You can also enter 3D models that you built from scratch.

For this contest, you can of course use original 3D models and fashion items, as well as items you commissioned or purchased, or you can use your favorite avatar you already use as a model.

We're waiting to see everyone's new designs!

Link BOOTH items to keep a record of your virtual Winter costume!

When you post your 3D model on VRoid Hub, you can link BOOTH items (items available on the BOOTH Global Marketplace) to introduce the models and items you've created and made available on BOOTH, or your favorite items that you found on BOOTH!

How to link BOOTH items from your 3D model

From the model information editing page, go to "BOOTH items" at the bottom left of the page, and click the + button to open the BOOTH item registration page. Enter the URLs for the BOOTH items you would like to display, and set an item category for each item.
You can register up to 10 items.

f you register BOOTH items for a model, the BOOTH items will be displayed with thumbnail images on the model's character model details page.

Please feel free to share your favorite items for dressing up your 3D character!


  • Amazon gift code prize: 50 winners

    Amazon gift code 3000 JPY value (approx. 20 USD)!

How to enter

① Dress up your model according to the Winter theme
② Save your dressed-up model in VRM format, and upload the model to VRoid Hub
③ Add the hashtag #CC_WInter, and publish your model data


  • Only models whose viewing status is set to "Public" are eligible. Models set to "Private" are not eligible.

  • Entries for this contest are not limited to original models and items created by the contestant. Other models and items are also eligible.

  • Models that have been partially or fully edited by the contestant and models dressed up by the contestant are also eligible.

  • Some examples of eligible model types are listed below.

    • Original models created by the contestant, or models dressed up in items created by the contestant

    • Models dressed up in items purchased by the contestant

    • Models dressed up in a combination of original items created by the contestant and items purchased by the contestant

  • When using items for which the copyright is held by a third party, please strictly adhere to the data licenses and Terms of Use.

  • Only All-ages creations are eligible.

  • You can post multiple entries. However, each user is only eligible to win a single prize in the lottery.

Please read all the Application Guidelines before applying.


Results announced

The lottery has ended.

pixiv will contact the winners via pixiv messages.

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