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Virtual Fashion Design Contest


Mon, December 27, 2021 - Mon, January 31, 2022 (JST)

About This Contest

Set your creativity free!
Create virtual outfits in VRoid Studio and post them to VRoid Hub!

This will be the first official virtual fashion design contest on VRoid Hub; and your outfits will be the stars!
Use VRoid Studio’s models A, B, and C as fashion models, and make them wear your original designs! Post them on to VRoid Hub and use the hashtag to take part in the event!

Who said the metaverse doesn’t have its own fashion? Fashion and trends are actually becoming more and more relevant among virtual models too, and you can be a trendsetter as well!
Create an outfit that represents you and shows your passion!

Download the latest VRoid Studio version and take part in the contest!


There are awesome prizes for all winners, and the opportunity to get your design turned into real clothes!

Winners get to take home awesome prizes to help them in 3D creations, like pen tablets and devices for digital drawing. Special prize winners will also see their creations come to life as real clothes and get to wear them! How will you feel wearing something that -you- designed?!

Furthermore, your beloved magazine, “VRoid STYLE”, will come back with a special issue for this contest, presenting some of the winning creations!

※For shipments outside of Japan, there may be some cases when we can not ship the prize.


  • The theme of the design is up to you. Pick up any style, whether it’s real clothes, fantasy, sci-fi, or maybe even camouflage.
  • We are really looking forward to everyone’s creation in this contest. Please, include at least one new original item *1. It can be an arrangement of a past creation.
  • Please make the model wear only original outfits (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc). You will be judged on the whole look you have produced.
  • Use sample models A, B, or C as fashion models and make them wear an outfit you created
  • ・You can start by arranging and editing the preset outfit items that sample models A, B, and C are usually wearing in VRoid Studio. However, please note that using those items as they are, without editing them in the slightest, will result in your entry being considered invalid.
  • ・Feel free to arrange hairstyle and make up to your liking; whatever works with the style you’re presenting will be accepted.
  • ・You can post more than one entry. You may also use the same model if wearing different outfits.

*1 Items that you have not published on BOOTH or VRoid Hub yet. (You may publish them during the contest period, or later.)

How to Participate

■ How to Participate
① Use sample models A, B, or C as fashion models and make them wear an outfit you created on the stable version of VRoid Studio.
② Upload the model to VRoid Hub with the hashtag #VirtualFashionContest

* Use only VRoid Studio for creating your outfit or model. (You may use other software or tools for creating the textures)
* Usage permissions to other users or any particular condition of use are not required.
* Only models that are set as Public at the time the contest ends will be considered valid entries.
* Contest entries are limited to character models, clothes, and settings that you yourself create.

Making Clothes is as Simple as Drawing!

Creating 3D clothes on VRoid Studio is as simple and easy as drawing! You can use the many different templates available and adjust them with the parameter sliders to get the desired silhouette and texture colors you’re looking for.

Check out this article for information on equipping outfits made for different models on models A, B, and C.

We also suggest using the Overlay feature when creating a new outfit. It’s helpful when creating complex silhouettes and looks made of more than one piece of clothing or combining more designs.

Distribute or Sell Your Creation on BOOTH!

BOOTH is a virtual marketplace for original content where anyone can freely open a store to distribute or sell their merch. After the contest is closed, we will create a special virtual collection on BOOTH, featuring some of the designs.
This is a huge chance for more people to notice what you’ve created! Use the tag “VRoid” and “VIrtualFashionContest” for the community to find you even faster!

■ Former collection sample:VRoid items for Halloween

Our Fashion Models

Sample models A, B, and C will be our fashion models for the contest. Feel free to dress them as you like, whether it’s something that goes with their original style, or maybe something completely different! As long as they look good and your original design is interesting, anything goes!

Contest Outlines

■ Contest Schedule
・Starts: Monday, December 27th, 2021
・Ends: Monday, January 31st, 2022 at 11:59 pm JST
・Results: End of February 2022 (planned)

■ Prizes
First Prize (1 winner)
A Wacom Cintiq 16 tablet with stand and protective film set

Award of Excellence (1 winner)
A TourBox NEO device

VRoid Award (2 winners)
10,000 JPY coupon for pixivFACTORY (approx. 100 USD, shipping available within Japan)

Stand-Out Award (20 winners)
3,000 JPY Amazon Gift Code (approx. 30 USD, available on

Special Prize (1 winner)
You will receive your creation, turned into a real piece of clothing (tops and bottoms).
* Shoes, socks, accessories, underwear, etc are excluded.

Each winner will also receive VRoid original merch.
Some winning designs will be featured in the VRoid STYLE special issue.

* Entries following under these conditions will be considered invalid:

  • Entries without the contest tag(Winners might be contacted later and asked to do some minor adjustments to the hashtag, such as switching between high and low caps.)
  • Entries not featuring sample models A, B, or C
  • Entries posted as drafts or privately
  • Re-posts or entries posted after the contest has concluded
  • Characters created on software other than VRoid Studio (blender, MAYA, Metasequoia, etc)
  • Entries where characters or outfits are not your original creation.

* Entries must be suitable for all ages.
* Communication regarding selection, prizes, and prizes shipment will happen via pixiv messages from the VRoid official account.
* There might be some cases when the VRoid official account may contact participants via pixiv messages asking them to send the .vroid data of a model for the team to look at.
* We are planning to ship prizes around April 2022.
* For shipments outside of Japan, there may be some cases when we can not ship the prize.
* Your entries and username may be featured on Twitter and other social media accounts managed by pixiv Inc.
* pixiv will need to access the model data of the VRM file you uploaded to be able to produce your prize. Thank you for your understanding.

Illustrations by 美好よしみ
Planned and held by the VRoid Project