Pixiv Inc. (“Company”) acknowledges the social responsibilities of VRoid Hub (“Service”) and will comply with these Guidelines, which the Company has created to ensure the sound and smooth operation of the Service.

1 Regulations

The Company has established the regulations indicated herein. It should be noted that these regulations are not specifically based on the requirements of any ethics group or the like and are guidelines independently formulated by the Company; therefore, said regulations may be changed at the company’s determination, as the company sees fit, in response to social or environmental changes. Please be advised that these regulations will not be continuously guaranteed.

2 Imposition of Age Restrictions, Deletion of Works

Our team checks image contents, titles, and descriptions to holistically judge whether to add age restrictions or delete images. If we flag an image, we may add age restrictions or delete the post. If we find evidence of the malicious prohibited actions listed below, we may delete the user ID. We may be unable to provide detailed individual information on the reasons for our decisions. Thank you for your understanding.

3 Prohibited Acts

  1. Uploading large quantities of, or repeatedly uploading, prohibited works.
  2. Defamatory or threatening tags/comments, and tags/comments that inflict economic or psychological damage or hardship.
  3. Publishing member IDs or image IDs from the Service or other sites for defamatory purposes.
  4. Using crawlers or other similar programs to collect works.
  5. Imposing unreasonable or excessive burdens on servers.
  6. Violating the scope of authorizations/licenses and terms of use stipulated by 3D model creators.

4 Age-Restricted Works

On the Service, checking the age restrictions is required for any works that are inappropriate for users under the age of 15 or inappropriate for users under the age of 18. Please set appropriate age restrictions when uploading works that fall under any of the following.

  1. “R-18” – Works containing content inappropriate for persons under 18

    • Content evoking genital penetration or intercourse, or sex acts whether direct or indirect.

      • Depictions of sex acts or masturbation.
      • Images of nudity or exposed private parts.
      • Highly indecent material having, for example, content emphasizing private parts even if said parts are clothed.
      • Content which, over and above the standards for R-15, implies states of sexual arousal through facial expressions, imitative sounds, sweating or other expressions.
      • Depictions of acts of excretion or excrement.
    • Extremely violent content; highly dangerous or extremely shocking content, even if fancifully or imitatively represented.

      • Injured bodies, exposed brains or internal organs.
      • Suicide, homicide, sex crimes, or other anti-social content.
  2. “R-15” – Works containing content inappropriate for persons under 15

    • Content associated with sex, indecent content

      • Exposed underwear (including see-through clothing and underwear seen through stockings, tights etc.).
      • Excessively revealing clothing.
      • Highly indecent material with, for example, content emphasizing the breasts or buttocks even if those areas are clothed.
      • Condoms, sex toys, bondage equipment, and other implements carrying sexual associations.
    • Violent scenes or terrifying depictions.

      • Fights involving bloodshed.
      • Bodily restraint or bondage.

5 Prohibited Works

The images indicated below will be subject to deletion.

  1. Defamation, threats, and content that inflicts economic or psychological damage or hardship.
  2. Representation or exposure, using other objects, of conjoined parts etc. in a manner associated with sex.
  3. Representations of sexual content in an unnecessarily distorted state.
  4. Content representing scenes of violence that are extremely shocking and will excite strong feelings of revulsion.
  5. Content that unnecessarily and aggressively advocates extreme ideas.
  6. Content that glorifies and extravagantly promotes anti-social acts.
  7. Content that is unduly discriminatory on the basis of race, creed, vocation, sex, religion or the like.
  8. Content depicting cultic religious activity or political extremism.
  9. Scenes of excessive cruelty, content that is unnecessarily shocking or is surmised to lead to the imitation of such content.
  10. Sexual content clearly involving young children.

    *Does not apply, within socially acceptable limits, in cases where concealment processing (mosaic, etc.) is carried out.

  11. Anything that violates the design rights, trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights, third party utility model rights, or privacy rights of others.
  12. Real-life photography

    *You can still use photography as a background, so long as your 3D model is the central focus.

6 Concealment Processing (Mosaic Processing)

  1. In general, it is assumed that concealment processing for censoring will not be a technical property of the image, but rather will obscure details therein in accordance with a visual assessment.
  2. Processing will be carried out in the same dimension, and content will be in such a state that it is technologically impossible to return such content to its previous form.
  3. Content will be in a state such that the extent thereof contains outlines.
  4. Content in which, even though processing has been carried out, details are clearly visible due to transparency, will not constitute concealment.
  5. Mosaics shall obscure content with reference to the parameters indicated below.
    In the case of a mosaic of at least four square pixels and an entire image having a lengthwise dimension of at least 400 pixels, the mosaic will cover, in the necessary areas, a surface area of approximately 1/100 of the lengthwise dimension of the entire image.
  6. In cases of overpainting, it is assumed that concealment processing will be carried out over the entirety of the necessary area, but this will not apply in cases where said area is obscured as a result of partial processing.
  7. In cases where white liquor is used or concealment is otherwise carried out using a design or pattern, it is assumed that concealment processing will cover the entirety of the necessary area, but this will not apply in cases where said area is obscured as a result of partial processing.

7 Examples of Areas Requiring Concealment Processing (Mosaic Processing)

  1. Genitals or areas associated with genitals.
  2. Areas of genital intercourse or insertion.
  3. Areas of anal intercourse or insertion.
  4. Areas depicting cutting, laceration or the like in an unnecessarily detailed and excessive manner.