Regarding the illicit use of 3D models available on VRoid Hub and future measures

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Unfortunately, we have confirmed the data from one model was illicitly used by someone other than the creator. The model was publicly viewable, but the terms for it clearly stated: "This model's data cannot be downloaded or used for any purpose, and is available only for viewing on VRoid Hub."

We would like to give an outline of the events that transpired, as well as the measures we at VRoid Hub intend to take in the future to prevent this from happening again.

The details of the event that transpired and how VRoid Hub plans to respond

  • A model (hereinafter referred to as "the model") available for viewing on VRoid Hub, but not downloadable, was used by someone who wasn't the creator, and screenshots of this use were shared on other platforms

  • A user on the same platform saw this screenshot and tweeted about the model being illicitly acquired from VRoid Hub (hereinafter referred to as "the tweet")

  • After seeing the tweet, the model's creator contacted VRoid Hub through our inquiry form
  • To investigate how this happened, VRoid Hub disabled the preview feature for view-only models that did not permit other users to download them

  • It was confirmed that there was no evidence that the model's 3D model data (private) was accessed from an external source between the time it was uploaded and now

  • The identity of the user who used the model illicitly was confirmed, and they told VRoid Hub's team how they managed to acquire the data
  • The user who did these deeds was told their actions were prohibited and was asked to delete the model's data

Regarding future measures

VRoid Hub automatically generates new data for the sole purpose of the 3D preview on the model's page. This happens for each 3D model data (VRM file) that is uploaded by a member of the community. When generating new data, the system actually adopts measures that make it harder to recreate the 3D model when illicitly acquired.

Based on the information we received from the user who took the model's data and how they used it on other services, we confirmed that the data they obtained was the recreated model data that is generated when a model is uploaded to VRoid Hub.

In order to prevent such incidents from happening again, we will be disabling 3D preview for those (public) models not available for download.

Furthermore, we are working on new measures to make sure that no 3D model on our platform will be illicitly acquired again.

We deeply apologize for the trouble this incident has brought to the whole community on VRoid Hub.

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