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The Return of the 3D Preview Feature

The following updates go into effect on July 5th, 2021:

・Addition of a new model data protection mechanism

・Addition of a model display selection method to the model editing page

・Our Content Protection Policy

・Updates to our Terms of Use

The 3D Preview feature had been previously removed, but is now available once more with options.

On the model editing page, you will be able to select between “3D Preview” and “Still Image (3D model not displayed)” as your display options.


All models that were posted as not downloadable before this update were set to “Still Image (3D model not displayed)”. If you would like to enable 3D Preview again, you can do so through your model editing page.

Selecting Your Model Display Method

The return of the 3D Preview feature also includes new mechanisms to protect model data. We’ve created and posted a Content Protection Policy to describe how we plan to protect data moving forward.

VRoid Hub Content Protection Policy

The VRoid Hub Development Team is working continuously towards researching and making technological advancements regarding the creation and distribution of 3D model data. The ultimate goal is to make VRoid Hub a safe and convenient tool for its community. Thank you for continuing to use VRoid Hub.