!!警告!! Pixivでこのdqoxvxopbのアカウントで公開しているのはR-18Gばかりなのでご注意ください。 !! WARNING !! All my works in Pixiv with this dqoxvxopb account are R-18G (Guro aka Gore works). ○ここにウpってるモデルは、Pixivで展開中のR-18G相当の胸糞悪いグロファンタジー世界に登場させるべく生まれたキャラ達です。五本指がある五つ指族(我々人類に似ている異世界の生物)の♀達は嬲られるためだけに生み出されています。そんな鬼畜な生みの親が言えた義理ではありませんが、DLして愛でて頂けたら幸いです。 ○ The models which I upload here are born to become the characters in my terrible guro (gore) fantasy world (that must be categorise as R-18G under Pixiv scale) which I'm developing in Pixiv. The Five-finger tribe ♀s who have five fingers in each hand and look like human beings are the creatures in the fantasy world and they are born to be slaves, toys, lab animals or food. If you download these models, I hope you'd love them, although I think I who made these pitiful models shouldn't be able to say so. ※NTFで他人の作品を勝手に自作の者として販売している輩が増えているそうです。知らないところで勝手に他人の著作権が付けられ自分の作品を使えなくなってしまうのは嫌なので、真に遺憾ながら、今まで公開したアバターも含めて「商用利用」と「再配布」を禁止とさせていただきます。 本当に気に入っていただいた方に何も気にせず気軽に使っていただけるのが理想なんですが、ご理解の程よろしくお願いいたします。 *I have heard that there is an increasing number of greedy idiots who are selling other people's work on NTF as their own. I do not want that someday I shan't be able to use my avatars due to NFT put on by such idiots, so I regret to announce that I'm banning "commercial use" and "redistribution" of all avatars, including those that I have released so far. It would be ideal if those who really like my work could use it without worrying about anything, but very unfortunately I have to ask for your understanding.