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Hoi!! I am a fan artist of everything related to VOCALOID and Nintendo. I keep learning and improving my 3D models in Vroid. At the moment my goal is to make all Hanako kun characters on Vroid. If you like my work, you can follow me. Thanks ^^ --Warning-- •The illegal appropriation or download of my models is NOT allowed. •The illegal redistribution of my models on any website, without my consent it is NOT allowed under any medium. •If you see someone using one of my models let me know please. If you have any questions send me a direct message on twitter or Instagram •日本語 (私は翻訳機を使う / I use a translator) •English (beginner) •Español (native) ☆Follow me on: •twitter: (@Nintenloid) •Instagram: @Nintenloid •deviantart: •Pixiv:

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