= warning i do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! or the legend of Zelda or any other shows or games but i own original characters and original designs of the loz and ygo please support the original source material from the companies respectively if you want to make fan art of my original characters go right ahead they were meant to be enjoy for people who like to be seen any ways :D if you want to give me criticism to point out whats wrong with the art let me know. your not going to shot down however i might forget on the some of the lessons i learn from the past . however if you see if my are is fine its OK too however im not going to delete past work as its going to be my archive on improving my art,skills , and uses of tools please note that the bases were to basically practice on drawing on the computer and some bases are not up any more however the names will be still be up so who made the bases in the 1st place. in the past nower days i just reline the inked picture with out coloring the sketch i drew digital art is still new to me as i learning new ways to improve my art that is all. i just started vroid and hopefully can

Misty-Darka's characters

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