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Please folowing me ⵈ━══════╗◊╔══════━ⵈ I make models for virtual droid!!! all models by me. ╭━─━─━─≪✠≫─━─━─━╮ about me •>My name Alice , and i modeler. i have a channel on youtube 👀<• ╰━─━─━─≪✠≫─━─━─━╯ ╔╦══• •✠•❀•✠ • •══╦╗ about my models ❃Some models will not be available for download. My models have long been familiar to all of you, now you can play as your favorite characters in VRDROID.VRWORLD.VRCHAT. all models belong to me. ╚╩══• •✠•❀•✠ • •══╩╝ ╔━═━═━︽︾♚︾︽━═━═━╗ R•U•L•E•S please.. 1.Don't distribute my models❌ not use for purposes of 18+ [violence, sexual intercourse, etc.] (excluding models with 18+ installation)❌ 3.Don't edit my models❌ not exhibit my models under your own name,nickname❌ if you send somewhere (for display) a model, then mark me Aluria Casoru!!!! ❗IF I NOTICE THAT THE RULES HAVE BEEN VIOLATED, I CLOSE DL❗ ╚━═━═━︾︽♔︽︾━═━═━╝ I will subscribe to every hundredth folowing

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