Hello!! 🥞 (Quick notice for anyone it may concern: I will be inactive for a while as I am attempting to learn Blender and Unity as it's time for an upgrade. Thanks!) I make characters for fun! I like to try different styles. All clothing not made by yours truly is linked in the avatars description so please see the creators booth store pages!! ⭐ Here are wonderful Booth stores that have some free items to use (thank you everyone!): 💕 kaitosai.booth.pm/ ◾ gomivroid.booth.pm/ ◾ argamawitch.booth.pm/ ◾ gamblingjester.booth.pm/ ◾ amarecouture.booth.pm/ ◾ vear.booth.pm/ ◾ koyomiworks.booth.pm/ ◾ mumyo.booth.pm/ ◾ beeficecream.booth.pm/ ◾ saintc.booth.pm/ ◾ assetcircus.booth.pm/ ◾ minidesley.booth.pm/ ◾ scarletanimefox.booth.pm/ ◾ onlyvirtualrae.booth.pm/ ◾ kurukashop.booth.pm/ ◾ voiddad.booth.pm/ ◾ honeyrosy.booth.pm/ ◾ 404dotexe.booth.pm/ ◾ hexhouse.booth.pm/ My Booth store: francake.booth.pm I'm grateful for all the people who consistently like my models. It makes me smile ☺

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