Hello!!! (^0^)ノ I hope you enjoy some of the stuff I do (^w^) I’m also kinda shy so I hope you don't mind me… (>~<) (Edit: I’ll prolly do some exclusive cosplay outfits on this page since I have the same thing going on in TwistaedAEsthetic… I’ll do Giorno Giovanna, Seto Kaiba, and idk what else, I’ll think… but yea I’ll make those sometime in the future… let me know if I should do these outfits first or the update on the family (mary luci jesus lilith) in TwistaedAEsthetic!) Me: demonangelking8@gmail.com youtube.com/@Angel-TAE rumble.com/user/DemonAngelSM www.tiktok.com/@aengeltae TÆ: hub.vroid.com/en/users/92751363 youtube.com/@TwistaedAEsthetic patreon.com/TwistaedAEsthetic www.pixiv.net/users/92751363 sketch.pixiv.net/@twistaedaesthetic Daemonium Ængelous Saint-Morningstar

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